articles regarding technology in the classroom

Relevant Articles Regarding Technology in the Classroom

There are all kinds of opinions on technology in the classroom.  And regardless of what our opinions are, technology in the classroom is here to stay. Not only is it here to stay, it is also going to be completely changing life in our classrooms.  And in spite of any drawbacks of problems that causes, it is actually a really …

emerging technologies in the classroom

What are Emerging Technologies in Education?

There are tons of emerging technologies in education and every other area of all of our lives.  And some of it is absolutely incredible.  But some of it is just “extra.” As teachers, we need to be very discerning about what emerging technologies go into education.  It is a wonderful time to be introducing our students to technology. They will …

Smartest Technology Finds You’ll Love for Your Classroom

integrate technology into lesson planning

Creative Ways to Integrate Technology into Lesson Plans

impact of technology on literature

The Impact of Technology on Literature

Take advantage of tech in the classroom

How to Take Advantage of Tech in the Classroom II

How to Take Advantage of Tech in the Classroom