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how to teach tone in literature

My 10 Golden Rules for Teaching Tone in Literature

Understanding tone in literature is critical to fully understanding and enjoying what you are reading.  But because it is not ...
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social emotional skills

Writing Prompts that Reinforce Social Emotional Learning

Most teachers agree that social emotional skills are extremely important to teach on a regular basis in the classroom.  But ...
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Are Shorter Class Periods Better for Students?

For some time now there has been a debate between block scheduling and shorter class periods. And there are excellent ...
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How reading books is different from watching movies.

How Reading Books is Different from Watching Movies

My kids and I have been spending some significant time watching movies and reading the books that go with them ...
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best books for early readers

15 Best Books For Early Readers

Finding the best books for early readers can be quite an undertaking.  Literally thousands of new books are published monthly, ...
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fall harvest pumpkin coloring book adults

Harvest Pumpkin Coloring Book

This Fall Harvest Pumpkin Coloring Book is sure to be a family favorite!  The pictures will be perfect for framing ...
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how much homework should a 4th grader have

How Much Homework Should a 4th Grader Have?

Some kids love to do homework.  But most do not.  They spend the whole day in school.  They get home ...
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Inspirational teacher t shirts

Inspirational Gear for Teachers

Teachers do so much for their students. The vast majority of teachers work tirelessly into the night to prepare for ...
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