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Smartest Technology Finds You’ll Love for Your Classroom

In this resource article, I would like to share with you why technology is largely an advantage in the classroom. Then I will show you several of the smartest technology finds you can implement to make classroom life richer, fuller, and more efficient.

Technology abounds all around us.  While technology carries some clear disadvantages, it also comes with some amazing advantages.  We live in a time that just about all of the world’s information is literally at our fingertips.  And that is why technology in the classroom is such a great asset.

Teachers research and plan lessons in a fraction of the time it used to take.  They don’t have to go to the library to do it.  They usually get everything they need outside of the textbook material done online–even the shopping!  Students get research projects done in class or at home without being limited by library hours or transportation. Well…when they are doing those assignments (insert cheeky grin here).

But unfortunately, it can also prove treacherous to wade through, especially when younger people are involved.  For all of the great resources you can find online, there remain some scary places they can get to as well, often not even intentionally.

So I made this list to help you to implement some of the smartest technology finds in the safest ways for  your best classroom results.

So let’s begin!  And as always, please share what you have found for your classroom as well.  The internet (and technology) is a huge place.  There is no way I can cover it all in one article!

Nothing can Ever be Removed from the Internet!

This makes such a perfect first item for smartest technology finds.   I realize it isn’t technological in itself.  But it delivers such a powerful message.  And it really needs to be front and center on all of our minds–especially our students!  They may not think of the internet in this way.  What kid thinks of anything as permanent or consequential?

smart technology finds

Nothing can Ever be Removed from the Internet

Actually, a company called Youth Change produced this poster.  Their posters tend to have a bit of an edgy vibe to them (not necessarily a disadvantage when you want younger people looking at them).  But the messages speak in an amazingly powerful way.  You may actually want to get a few of their posters to put in some prominent places in your classroom.  And make sure you slip in some conversation about them every once in a while.

Light and Sound Buzzers

These buzzers don’t win the prize for the most highly technological item in this list.  But they are definitely one of the smartest technology finds for your classroom because of the effect they have on your classroom.  They are awesome for classroom participation at any age.   The kids have a lot of fun with it and you get them to willingly share in the dialog!  And they cost waaay less than higher technology!

smart technology finds

Light and Sound Buzzers

Learning Resources markets these buzzers.  Most teachers are very familiar with them and have bought other items from them previously. Company recognition and reputation is always a good thing!

These particular buzzers come with lights and each one makes a different sound.  So no worries about trying to figure out where the sound came from in the classroom.

They put out a good amount of sound without being too obnoxious or too hard to hear.   They require 2 AAA batteries each, but they last a super long time because they really aren’t on constantly when you are using them.

You can also get a case to keep them in if you prefer more than the cardboard box they came in.

smart technology finds

Buzzer Carrying Case

LED Message Board

This one may not be necessary to survive in your classroom.  But then we can survive with most of the things in our classroom–think tiny one-room schoolhouse.  They got the job done.  But we can get the job done better and with more support! And according to the teachers that have put this in their classrooms, it’s a super smart technology find because their students are so much more engaged and willing to actively participate.  And the more artistic students will be chomping at the bit to try their hand at it.

smart technology finds

LED Message/Multi-Purpose Board

This board will not escape your students’ attention.  Put homework assignments on it, use it for brainstorming with them, put critical announcements on it, for keeping score of games or games on the board–the uses are endless.  You can even allow students to take turns adding their creative touches to it.  They will love it!


While it certainly isn’t cheaply priced, it really isn’t hugely expensive either for what it is.  It comes with the board, and external AC adapter power cord, and extension cord, 8 liquid chalk markers, a remote control, a hanging chain, and a soft cleaning cloth.  In addition, the remote allows you to play with 16 different colors and 4 different flashing modes.

Several teachers left reviews after putting this in their classroom.  The kids absolutely loved it!

Finally, in the couple of reviews where the package didn’t come with everything it was supposed to or there was another problem, the company was super quick to respond and make it right.  So you can by with confidence, knowing that you will get what you need to in tip top shape.

Tasks Before Apps

Monica Burns wrote this book to put perfect perspective into integrating technology into your classroom.  She takes a very practical approach to her methodology.  This allows you to keep technology in your classroom where it belongs–in a supporting role, leaving learning in the lead role. In other words, the focus is on how to use technology to learn and create the material rather than on the technology itself.

smartest technology finds

Tasks Before Apps

Technology does indeed have a prominent place in today’s classroom, as it does nearly everywhere else in our lives.  But to allow it to take over is also a problem.  I love the way Monica Burns puts this into perspective and allows the classroom learning process to thrive by implementing technology in the best ways.  For example, she uses 3 “C’s” (creation, curiosity, and collaboration) throughout the book to drive home the focus on academics.  And finally, she encourages you to focus on what works best for you and your class rather than what the newest app craze is.

She has several other books, all of which are just as recommended as this one.  Take a look when you get a chance!

Charging Station Organizer

This is surely one of the smartest technology finds you’ll love for your classroom.  You may end up getting a couple or few of them.

smartest technology finds

Charging Station Organizer

There isn’t a whole lot to write about this organizer.  It is super straightforward.  It’s awesome because it works just like it should and takes a minimal amount of space.

It comes with 4 lightning cables, 1 type-c cable, and 1 micro-USB cable.  But if you need something different, the short cables are super easy and affordable to buy.

It’s a great way to know where your students’ electronics are.  It’s better than using a pocket system to keep your students’ electronics in because it is more secure and the batteries won’t deplete like they would sitting in a pocket organizer.  You can keep them locked up if necessary while they are still charging.  And the parents will love you when you send the students home with fully charged phones, so no worries about calling to check on them and getting a dead phone.

Your students will also be grateful for phones that are ready to go when they are ready to leave for the day.

Essential Oil Diffusers

It may seem like an odd item to add to a list of the smartest technology finds for the classroom, but it is actually pretty genius.

smartest technology finds

Essential Oil Diffusers

These come in a set of 2, which is perfect for a larger classroom area.  As teachers, we realize how much the power of smell can affect our students.  So why not affect their sense of smell in a positive way?  There are tons of websites that can guide you to the best essential oils to use for promoting alertness, memory, and well-being.

Essential oil diffusers can also have the following health benefits:

  • Relieves dry skin
  • Relieves dry eyes
  • Clears up some nose allergies
  • Better moods
  • Relieves stress
  • Promotes calm
  • Can eliminate bacteria in the air

For more information on this list, check out this Lifehack link.

This set of diffusers comes with the 2 large capacity diffusers which last for 10-12 hours (perfect for a full school day).  It functions as a diffuser, humidifier, and night light.  In addition, it has a timer and auto shut-off.  Finally, it has an 8-color LED light that allows you to cycle through the colors while it runs, or you can just set it on one particular color light.  This is perfect for matching your classroom decor.

LEGO Mindstorms Robot Kit

This is probably the priciest item on my list of smartest technology finds.  But first of all it is LEGO.  And second, it is one of the best rated STEM items on the market right now.  It is certainly well worth the investment.  And I know your students will agree!

smartest technology finds

LEGO Mindstorms Robot Kit

LEGO Mindstorms EV3 comes with 601 pieces. Also, it includes the intelligent EV3 Brick, 3 servo motors, plus color, touch and infrared sensors. Connect it with your smart device and download the free EV3 programmer app to control the robot!

There are tons of videos on Youtube to help you out, inspire you, or get yourself going with this.  And actually, what a great assignment it would make to have your students find one youtube video that speaks to them. Then let them demonstrate it to the class.  That assignment contains so many learning and growth concepts!

Creative Coding Book

It is quite ironic that in an article about technology, two of the items are books.  I guess if you get the kindle version, then you are still “technological.”  But the truth is, books are probably one of the best “tech” items of all time.  It took a long time to figure out how to mass produce books in a way that the masses could enjoy them.  And while they don’t have a huge shelf life (less than 100 years unless great pains have been taken) they still have such great impact on present society.

smartest technology finds

Creative Coding Book

But, I digress.  So this coding book is awesome because it gets the students’ feet wet with some simple coding concepts.  What is so awesome about this is that today’s kids are already tech savvy pretty much from birth.  So when you add some simple coding concepts into their learning curve, they are so much more comfortable with it as they get older and when it becomes important for them to learn these concepts.  They will have so much less fear about learning the tough stuff when they slid into it as younger students.

This book is amazing for teachers because you won’t have to try to come up with projects.  There are plenty of great ones right in this book!  And you can use the book’s suggestions to build on what you are already teaching in the classroom!


And with that piece of “old technology,” my list of smartest technology finds you’ll love for your classroom has come to an end.  There are so many more options out there.  A google or Amazon search will get  you even further.  But hopefully this is a good jump in getting to the classroom that you and your students love to hang out at every day!

Oh, and one final note:  there are tons more books out there to help you balance technology and academics in and out of the classroom!

For more on technology in the classroom, take a look at this two-part article:

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  1. Krysten (@WeirdGirlBlog)

    Okay these are all great options, especially the diffusers! Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

    1. Marie

      The diffusers are one of my favorites, Krysten. It just makes life more pleasant, especially at the middle school/junior high level!!! And the kids love it too!

      1. Krysten Quiles

        I’m going to suggest one for my brother with my nephew. He’s not in school yet but I bet one would help at home.

  2. Amber

    What cool stuff! I know my kids would like these in their classrooms. That charging station would come in handy.

    1. Marie

      I love the charging station for my house as well as the classroom! The kids’ devices are actually all in one place instead of all over the house. 😉

  3. Cristina Pop

    These are some amazing ideas! I really love the tasks before apps 🙂

    1. Marie

      I agree, Cristina! Monica’s perspective was so amazing on how to balance technology in classroom life. And I was able to apply a lot of it to home life as well. My kids weren’t so thrilled about those changes, but our household has thrived since putting some of those concepts in place. 🙂

  4. Agnes Dela Cruz

    With the fast pace technology we have right now incorporating technology in classroom set-up is a must! These are perfect gifts.

  5. Nyxinked

    I love the additional diffusers and the charging station. Very tempted to get a charging station for my own home!

    1. Marie

      I did and I love that everything is now in one place and organized rather than all over the house!

  6. Passion Piece

    I find classes at schools quite boring, because teachers frequently lack the newest technology to make them more interesting. I’d like to use this technology with my students. 🙂

    1. Marie

      You are right, Passion Piece. It makes all the difference in the world. And happy students are cooperative students!!!

  7. Cindy Nico

    These are great ideas for the classroom. My daughter is a teacher I will share them with her

  8. Hannah Marie

    These has lot to offer. It’s important to have an advance technology in every classroom. I think essential oil diffuser is my pick.

    1. Marie

      The diffuser is one of the most popular items and one of my personal favorites. I use them in the classroom as well as at home.

  9. Kiwi

    The modern day classroom looks like it is evovling greatly. Loving all of these tools to make more smart classrooms.

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    Charging stations are very useful, to say I have one at home!

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    I def. Like the creativity these fun things for classrooms! A lot of them especially like the robot and such have a way of engaging kids and really locking getting them into something that will allow their creativity to flow!

  12. I wish I lectured in the same room every week. Then I could really make the space my own. I love the idea of an oil defuser but with a light scent in case people are sensitive to smells.

    1. Marie

      Yes, lighter scents are better for sure. And organic helps to keep the perfumes out that people tend to have allergies with. It has to be hard to not have a space to call your own.
      Thank you for sharing!

  13. Acupofassamtea

    All of them are really amazing. And the charging station is a must.

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    What great finds! That charger would really come in handy.

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    I wish I had these things in my classroom. I guess they should me a must these days.

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    These are amazing ideas, and great finds. Charging stations is an absolute must have.

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      Yep! I have two here at home to keep track of all of our stuff. 🙂

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    The charging organizer is gonna dominate the room. These are all pretty cool items to have, I got my own favorites already!

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      I agree! The charging organizer is definitely boss!

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    Wow, these are all super cool items to have. I cannot believe how well technology is already these days. Love all of them, literally.

  19. World in Eyes

    Agreed Marie, the connecting classroom with smart technology will the efficient use of skills, it will make you able to keep information on fingertips. Also, it will save time of teacher as well as students. Thank you for sharing this important knowledge with us.

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    Those are some awesome technology ideas for the classroom. My favorites are the charging station and the robots, haha. 🙂

  21. Bill

    I love this post. Rather than try to battle technology, we should try to work with it. To use it to our advantage. It has tons of positives. It’s all about the balance you mentioned.

  22. Brianne

    Nothing EVER leaves the internet. That is THE most important lesson we can ever teach our kids. They treat the internet like it’s something written on a post-it note.

  23. chad

    LED message board! mmmm I super super like the idea, I am seriously considering it for my kids.

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    such great suggestions!! i love the idea of a charging station organizer.

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    These are some great finds for the classroom. Technology is so important and can be a great part of teaching.

  26. Nkwm

    You know, something I never thought that could be useful for the classroom was essential oil diffusers – do you think that might distract some students?

    1. Marie

      I don’t think it would distract students as long as the scents used were not too strong. I am actually super sensitive to smell myself. But in the event that there were a couple of students that had issues, they could be placed further away from the diffusers. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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    These items sound really helpful and they look great! Thank you for sharing these with us!

  28. Melanie williams

    There are some really cool ideas here for sure, I like the look of the charging station very organised which I like x

  29. Heather

    So many great products for classrooms! I know my kids would love them all!

  30. norma

    This blog is super interesting. I will share this with a friend of mine who teaches.


    i love this post these are all great products especially the diffuses. will make sure to share this with my friends.

    1. Marie

      Thank you, Shadrack!

  32. emman damian

    Great list! I think Light and Sound Buzzers are so cool to have. It may also give attention to students.

  33. Kiwi

    I love essential oils are on the list. I love EO and I just bought me a new diffuser for my work station.

  34. Kathy Kenny Ngo

    I think the first one is the best lesson. Kids need to know that what they do online will forever be online.

    1. Marie

      That is exactly why I made that one the first one! Even though their heads know it, I think they just don’t really think it through to understand what that really means. It’s a tough lesson. Thank you for sharing.

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    I loved the wonderful solutions you have suggested. The LED Message Board sounds super useful! 🙂

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    I’m a big fan of diffusers and have more than my share of them. They are terrific in any space.

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