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How to Accomplish More Effective Lesson Planning

Every year, I get so excited about lesson planning and what I am going to do differently and better this time around.  I contemplate how this new year will be full of more effective lesson planning than the year before. And every year, by the time I am a month in, I am just trying to make everything work.

I’ve been lesson planning for 23 years now.  For the first few years, it steadily improved and became easier the more I did it.  But I have to admit, the later years have gotten much drier than the earlier years.  I think part of it was because I feel like I am not learning the process anymore.  So I just kind of go into auto-pilot mode.  And it doesn’t take very long into the school year to see the fruits of that problem.

So this year, I started to think of ways that I could keep things fresh, new, and exciting.  I did some research online and came up with a few things to help make my lesson planning more effective.

So I came up with these ways to accomplish more effective lesson planning.  I hope that you find them helpful as well.

1.  Remember that you are Teaching and Relating to People

Sometimes we get so focused on the plans and getting through them completely (which actually never happens anyway) that we forget we are actually relating to people.  We forget that each one of our students came from a complex life of other relationships, difficulties of many different magnitudes, different levels of health, and so many things that we have no idea about.

We have an opportunity to relate to each one of our students in ways that can help give them strength to succeed in their difficulties, feel like someone is listening to them, and help them develop skills and mindsets that propel them to a successful life.  Will it be us that makes them successful?  Definitely not.  That is up to them.  But we can certainly help them along the way.

So how does more effective lesson planning play into this?  We can plan activities into our lesson plans that keep in mind that our students are not one-dimensional.  They aren’t just in school to take in information, pass tests, and then go home.  They are there to learn how successful life is lived.  We are great tools in that endeavor.

We don’t want to add a bunch of fluff into our lesson plans for the sake of adding stuff.  But we can be careful that the things we are planning show sensitivity to issues our students may be facing.  And we can make sure that we also give them the tools to succeed in life, regardless of what they are and will be facing.

If we make sure that most or all of our plans have these thoughts built into them, we will have super-human strength in character building and life skills.

2.  Maintain Continuity in your Lessons

Most of my education as I was growing up was given to me in daily independent lessons.  After several weeks of this, I then would take a test of all of the material.  It drove me crazy trying to remember what I had learned in the first couple of weeks.  So I would spend the last couple of weeks cramming to see how much of the independent lessons I could pull up from the back of my mind.

Then, as an adult, I discovered incremental education.  My world was rocked.  Spending time on a new lesson every day without a bunch of overkill worksheets was amazing.  But even more amazing, I saw the value of spending a significant amount of time daily doing one or two review exercises from several previous lessons.

My students were able to remember the concepts they were learning because they were working on them daily for several weeks until they were set in stone.  And when it came time for testing, they performed well without all of the cramming and stress. This is one of the best ways to make lesson planning more effective, because it cuts down on so much time in the long run.

We have the ability as lesson planners to do this for our students.  Even if it isn’t written into the curriculum, you can still implement ten minutes of review of the past week or two.  And if you have to cut off the last row of the current day’s exercises, your kids will think  you’re the bomb and that they are getting away with something!

3.  Always Include Something Memorable in your Lessons

Memorable doesn’t always have to be huge or expensive.  It is usually brought on by the senses.  So with that knowledge in mind, we can plan our lessons by using various senses for various activities.  It can be the smell of something related to the story or concept, an unusual sight, a tasty (or not-so-tasty) bit of food, something that feels different than normal experience, or something that sounds a certain way.  Adding two or more senses at a time drastically increases the memorable factor!

Literature is one of the best avenues for this type of lesson planning. This is because the best books are filled with experiences, dimensional characters, and memorable scenery.

You can add this concept to literally every subject you teach.  Foreign language lessons can use rich cultures to bring home points using all of the senses.

Math can use examples that require the children to figure out real-life concepts through real-life examples using physical or experiential props to drive home the process.  For example, use a dramatic story to show the kids a math problem.  Guide them through the story, using objects that appeal to the senses in order to help them remember the problem they are trying to solve.  Then guide them to the solution.  They will have a whole range of experience to remember what they have learned, rather than just trying to remember a mathematical process.  And not only does this help them to remember concepts better, it also makes their school day so much more enjoyable.

4.  Simple is always better

So I realize that what I’ve said so far seems complicated. But get in the habit of keeping these concepts in mind as you do your lesson planning. Then you will find it is quite easy to implement.

And that is where this point takes us.  The more simple you keep your object lessons, concepts, and facts, the more quickly and easily your students will be able to pick them up and retain them.

Most concepts can actually be made even more simple.  Here are some examples:

  • A picture to explain a process that is harder to see in words than pictures
  • A store-bought snack instead of the homemade version
  • A craft that allows you to combine your literature class with your art class for the week
  • A game that gets the kids’ energy out so that they will settle in for the lesson.  Once you drive the relationship of the game to the lesson home, they will be more eager to hear the lesson and draw their own conclusions.

5.  Always Keep Your Goal in Mind

This is probably the most obvious of the ways to accomplish more effective lesson planning.  We get several hours every day to fill with great academic endeavors. But our goal is not to just fill time.

Keep in mind exactly what you want your students to learn.  Then figure out which ways you think will accomplish that most effectively and quickly.  When you plan your academics and activities around this concept, your lesson planning will go much more smoothly.  And so will your class routine.

You will still run out of time every day.  But hopefully, you will have driven home many more concepts. And hopefully you have shown your students that learning doesn’t have to be boring or tedious.  And by keeping your students actively engaged in their learning, you will have fewer distractions or behavior issues with the kids, which will enable you to accomplish even more.


Implementing these concepts into your classroom will change lots of things for the better.  Your students will be excited every day to see what is in store for them.  What an amazing classroom when your students are engaged in an enthusiastic way!  You may even gain some lifelong lovers of learning.

By the way, if you are looking for a good planner (or a better one than you have at the moment), the Bloom Daily Planner is my favorite and is available here on Amazon.

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  1. Amber Myers

    I don’t homeschool, but this is super helpful for those who do. I wouldn’t have the patience for it since I already curse a ton when I’m helping with homework.

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    Don’t need to be a teacher to fully and completely appreciate your interesting articles!

    1. Marie

      Thank you, Cristina. A lot of these articles can apply well to family life and homework as well. 🙂

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    Lesson planning is an important part of teaching. Sometimes kids get bored by following one teaching routine and adding a game that gets the kids’ energy out so that they will settle in for the lesson is quite impressive.

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    Gah your content is so helpful for my teacher friends! Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

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    I think having memorable moments in teaching is everything. I still remember some of things my teachers told us based on their funny stories that made it all relateable.

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    I teach on an irregular basis and what I find helps to avoid that dryness is to take things on a creative angel. Tell the story in a different way or use different props to bring about important points. Also, drive home unexpected lessons.

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    I think that focusing on one easy point to remember, is the best way to captivate the students. It will make the lessons so much easier to remember!

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    these are great tips for any educator. I agree with how chaotic independent lessons piling up can be. Memeorable lessons are always the easiest to remember and understand ; )
    great advice!

  13. Mommy Sigrid

    There is a renewed love and concern for teachers in our country today. Although late, I am happy that they are getting some attention. It’s not easy to work on lessons. Judging from what you written, I do not have the patience! haha

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    What a great post to encourage teachers with their lesson planning! I am so grateful for the teachers that poured into my life and now into my kid’s lives. Keep going teachers!

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    These are fantastic ideas for lesson planning. I especially love using books for all subjects as I agree it promotes critical thinking.

  16. Susan1375

    I was taught to create 20 minutes of new info per lesson and the rest of the time was spent reinforcing that 20 minutes of info

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    This is going to be such a great resource for both teachers and homeschoolers. My kids are out of school, but I can’t imagine trying to put together a lesson plan without some serious guidance like this.

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    I have a feeling more parents will be checking out your website as they have to help with learning at home. good luck to all the teachers out there who have to figure out lesson plans for their online classes.

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    I could imagine it’s hard to be prepared for the avalanche of lesson planning. Times is changing and so do kids interest. I agree with your first point, Learning styles is different from each individual. Re-assessing our teaching practice every now and then will help our lessons to be delivered effectively.

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    This is super helpful for our teachers. I am a teacher by heart. This will absolutely revolutionize their lesson planning techniques.

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    Yes, to all your key points. I think these strategies can be implemented no matter the age of the audience. My college students need the repetition and connection to the material as much as my 5 year old. Thx for sharing your info!

    1. Marie

      I fully agree with your age assessment, Michelle! Even for adults it is relatively the same.

  33. rachel

    Maintaining continuity and simplicity is the ONE thing I really strive to do.

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